About Us

Our Mission

We exist to make healthcare more convenient for patients and give them the chance to get better sooner.
Our only metric for success are the precious minutes we save patients and we endlessly strive to deliver them more.

Our Story

The idea for Phox Health was formed when co-founders, Amit Gir and Puneet Jain, believed technology could redefine how patient-centered care was delivered.
With the explosion of virtual medicine, making a diagnosis remotely was common, but no one had solved how to treat on-demand.
In April 2016 we launched Phox Health into a new category of digital health and forged the perfect compliment to remote care – prescription delivery minutes after a visit.
Today, we match patients to hundreds of pharmacies, deliver prescriptions within two hours coast to coast, and work with a range of practice sizes from a house call doctor to statewide health systems. How? Our scalable platform empowers our partners – pharmacies, couriers, and prescribers – with dependable, clinical-grade software.

And that’s just chapter one…

Now meet the team rewriting the book on patient-centered, on-demand care.

Our Team


Amit Gir, MD

Chief Executive Officer Co-Founder


Puneet Jain

Chief Technology Officer Co-Founder


Grishma Desai, PharmD

VP Pharmacy Operations


Jincy George

VP Product Development


Cholla Sellamutu

Head of Mobile Applications