Telehealth: The Future of the Healthcare-Related Services

Jan 25, 2021


COVID-19 has brought many changes to the health system, particularly concerning virtual care and telehealth. Even though the pandemic has increased healthcare costs in the USA, the major problem is healthcare underutilization. However, as this public health emergency spirals to an end, there’s a need to safeguard access to that care.

Telehealth is essential because it makes healthcare accessible to patients irrespective of location and need. With telehealth, qualified medical practitioners can offer a far-reaching range of Medicare services at both rural and urban centers through electronic media.

Telehealth cuts down the different barriers from inter-state licensing and communication to standardized treatment and reimbursement forms. It’s improved the healthcare system so much through the pandemic that it’ll continue long after the pandemic is over. With the advantages of telehealth, it might replicate the barriers of the past traditional healthcare system.

For instance, one particular problem we’ve always had to deal with is how healthcare is inaccessible to some neighborhoods. Also, chronic and easily transmittable health conditions are quite challenging to manage in traditional walk-in health centers. However, incorporating community health workers into telehealth services can improve responsive strategies and effectiveness. There should be an adoption of policy decisions that encourage further utilization of telehealth methods.

The COVID-19 pandemic has been a test on the primary health care system in America and its gaps. It’s led to a quick response on the part of health practitioners. It’s pushing for alternative and better means of administering health care to patients, irrespective of location and ailment.

The current reality and future of telehealth

Telehealthcare providers are on the increase. To maximize their reach, particularly in regards to medication prescriptions, it’s important that they work with on-demand platforms like Phox Health that create a new level of healthcare accessibility and safety.

At Phox Health, we work with telehealth providers to coordinate prescriptions and delivery to patients. We provide convenience and a standardized form of treatments – specifically two-hour prescriptions to you, closing the gaps in the current health system. Please reach out to us today to experience dependable prescription delivery powered by Phox Health.



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