How Does Prescription Delivery Benefit My Health System?

Sep 14, 2021

As technology continues to modernize healthcare, so does the way that practices are able to deliver patient-care. Not only has current technology inspired a shift in our healthcare system, but so has the COVID-19 pandemic. A perfect complement to remote healthcare, the need for prescription delivery services has skyrocketed since March 2020. 

As the COVID-19 pandemic rages, prescription delivery services have shifted from a convenience to a necessity.

Benefits of Phox Health Prescription Delivery for Health Systems

Phox Health’s collaboration with the Ochsner health system has revealed that pairing a health system with Phox Health prescription delivery services offers a wide range of benefits for both health care practices and patients. 

Managed Logistics

Logistics is the overall process of managing how resources are acquired and stored at their point of origin and how they are transported to their point of consumption. For healthcare providers who are focusing on providing the best quality of care for their patients, logistics can be difficult to manage.

With Phox Health, you will not have to be concerned with hiring local couriers or big chain logistics, and then the daily issues with managing them. Phox Health oversees our partnered medical couriers with each and every delivery with our tech and Care Team staff. We handle anything from next-day specialty drugs, same-day prescriptions, and even one-hour stat labs. Phox Health is also able to provide your practice with delivery analytics and patient feedback so that any problems can be identified and addressed as they happen. 

Reduced Delivery Costs

Prescription delivery costs can add up, but with Phox Health, your delivery costs could be significantly lowered through our bid process. Once we understand your needs we send out a “request for proposal” to local and national medical couriers. With the right price and capabilities we together choose the right partner. Thanks to Phox Health’s early efforts we saved Ochsner health system 75% compared to FedEx. Plus, why pay more for less service? 

Improved Patient Satisfaction

Big chain logistics will never capture patient feedback. Ever rate a FedEx delivery? We believe to improve you have to measure. That’s why feedback is our “vital sign” to an effective logistics service. 

For example, Ochsner health system’s patient satisfaction is scored at a 4.9 out of 5, proving the value of our tech and delivery service. Say goodbye to random email surveys. By combining logistics and marketing analytics we scored MultiCare’s twelve pharmacies at an average NPS of 88 – nearly three times the national average for retail pharmacies.

How? We’ve shown great technology and a team to oversee each courier’s efforts are what it takes for consistent, high-quality service. 

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