Why Your Practice Needs Phox Health’s Prescription Delivery Service

Jun 3, 2021

A prescription delivery service does more than tackle logistical headaches and take virtual care to the next level of convenience. Research continues to show a number of ways in which both patients and practices can benefit from pharmacy delivery services. 

Phox health goes beyond basic pickup and delivery that any chain courier service can offer. Let’s take a look at six important advantages that make Phox Health deliver better. 

Refill Your Revenue

Our white-labeled pharmacy delivery system eliminates the middleman from your patient-to-practice line of communication. Sending prescriptions to external pharmacies not only leaves you wondering if the patient will pick up their prescription at all, but it takes revenue away from your practice.

Pharmacy competition gets worse every year, with big brands on every corner and emerging digital pharmacies on the rise. With a consumer mindset, patients may choose these big names strictly out of familiarity, but not if you present them with an even more convenient and direct option – 2-hour prescription delivery to their home directly from you. 

Phox Health keeps patients within your network so you can better track compliance and utilize your pharmacies and services.

Go the Social Distance

While the country experiences varying degrees of normalcy post-pandemic, one thing has remained constant, people like convenience and safety. Social distancing guidelines may come to an end, but people’s desire to stay home when possible and cut out unnecessary trips will remain strong. 

Pharmacy delivery allows you to adapt to evolving models of patient care for both convenience and safety. 

Over Deliver

Any delivery service can deliver a package from one location to another, but only Phox Health has care coordinators overseeing every single delivery from order to completion. Healthcare logistics are tough to maintain. Missing packages and returns just barely scratch the surface. When it comes to their health, your patients deserve to be confident that their treatment will be available exactly when they need it – no later. 

Entrust our care coordinators to screen, track, and oversee every prescription from the moment you order it to the moment it’s in your patient’s hands. 

Made to Order

Phox Health unifies the patient experience with custom-developed, white-labeled technology. We don’t require your patients to download yet another app. Our email and SMS/text notifications branded to your pharmacy keep patients in the loop about their delivery. 

You handle the care, we handle with care. 

Buy Local

If your health system doesn’t have its own pharmacy, Phox Health will partner with nearby locally-owned pharmacies to set up on-demand prescription delivery directly from them. This simple process helps you expand your delivery footprint while supporting your community. 

Outfox the Competition

Do logistical errors have you Fed-Up or UPSet? Phox Health powers pharmacies with better, faster, and more cost-effective logistics for retail and specialty prescriptions. Our system allows you to outcompete both chain and new digital pharmacies with simple setup, 99.1% successful delivery rate, 2-hour average delivery time, and NPS ratings in the 90s.  

Learn how we outfox major couriers with technology and teams to provide accountable logistics. Contact us today. 

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