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Feb 25, 2021

The realities of COVID-19 are defining a new normal. Consequently, healthcare service providers are finding newer and safer ways to deliver their service. However, creating a safer way to provide healthcare requires reduced physical interaction. This, without a doubt, has been a significant boost for the telehealth industry. Moreover, the past few years have seen a surge in the number of telemedicine solutions. Here are some of the emerging innovations in the telemedicine space.

Amwell’s In-TVs

Popular telemedicine company, Amwell, announced a new addition to its list of telemedicine solutions. The new solution converts hospital room televisions into a two-way video interaction tool. This allows hospitals to optimize their existing infrastructure with telemedicine solutions.

With this new tool, clinical teams can provide round-the-clock clinical care remotely. They only need to have physical contact when necessary. The company also stated that the solution would enable more hospitals to better interact with patients and their caregivers.

EverlyWell’s COVID Home-Testing Kit

Another eye-catching development in the digital health space is EverlyWell’s COVID homes testing kit. The kit recently received FDA Emergency Use Authorization for the product. This authorization allows users to buy the product without a prescription and irrespective of exposure or symptoms. The mail-in test is only designed for users that are 18 years and older.

Similarly, Maverick Health, another diagnostic company, also recently announced the launch of its end-to-end diagnostics solution for consumers.


Vocalis Health, a digital health company, also recently announced its ‘Sounds like COVID-19’ solution. The solution, VocalisCheck, uses an artificial intelligence-based vocal biomarker to carry out some form of preliminary screening for COVID-19. Currently, the solution is being studied, and some of the observed outcomes seem encouraging. If the solution gets fully approved, it will offer a more convenient way for organizations and health systems to carry out preliminary screening.Phox Health is a health solutions company that specializes in creating efficient telemedicine solutions. We partner with several digital health brands to develop innovative solutions to several health problems using tech.

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