Google Makes COVID-19 Vaccine Information Easily Accessible

Feb 5, 2021

As the first sets of the COVID-19 vaccine begin to roll out in the United States, there’s been some confusion about where and when to get it. Although the plan is different for each state, most states prioritize healthcare workers and older adults. 

As a result of the disparity in plans, there’s an urgent need for easy means to disseminate vaccine-related information. Thankfully, Google has taken it up to provide adequate and localized answers to help people find vaccine information and centers around.

It’s not surprising that people have turned to the internet to get the information they need relating to this. In the last few weeks since the vaccines became publicly available, the rate of Google searches for vaccination centers have skyrocketed fivefold. Most people tend to do online searches first before booking appointments and going for in-person doses.

According to the Google CEO, Sundar Pichai, the next weeks will feature more localized answers. Particularly in states like Arizona, Texas, Mississippi, and Louisiana. Google searches will not only bring up locations, but it will also include appointment information and necessary notifications. 

Google plans to collaborate with some existing initiatives and organizations to make this work. VaccineFinder is available for pulling out information on government agencies and retail pharmacies. Besides, there are plans to open more vaccination clinics in prime areas of California. This will be in collaboration with One Medical, a concierge primary health company.

Lastly, Google is giving $100 million as an ad grant to the CDC Foundation and World Health Organization. These two organizations have been primarily in control of pushing out COVID-19 information. The goal is to ensure that accurate information is passed around at all times. $50 million is also expected to be donated to the public health agencies in underserved communities.

Google can push the vaccination process faster than we expect

Hopefully, these steps help in the vaccine rollout to the general community and boost the vaccination reach current data. We at Phox Health work in collaboration with digital health partners to make treatments more convenient for patients. Phox Health is dedicated to using technology to solve current treat-on-demand problems.

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