TeleHealth: Hospital at Home

Nov 9, 2020

The pandemic, asides from the recent government-imposed lockdown, discouraged many people from visiting hospitals or making doctor’s appointments. This has led to the adoption of telehealth (or telemedicine) in the United States.

Telehealth enables healthcare providers to provide telepsychiatry services, care for chronic diseases, geriatric care, and even pediatric care. With videoconferencing, patients with their caregivers and/or families get counseling or health education on specific areas and practices from experts in such fields, particularly with the pandemic and the resultant lockdown.

Home-Care Continues to Grow

However, it is not impossible that some patients will need in-person care. To meet that need, home healthcare seems to be the most feasible way out. According to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics, there is a prediction that there will be a growth rate of 36% in home health aide employment by 2038. In a typical setting, a patient is referred for home health services by a primary care provider, and a home health organization such as DispatchHealth arranges for an appointment with the patient. Home care could involve a range of health care practices such as wound care, chronic pain management, mental health services, geriatric care, intravenous therapy, amongst other things.

With technology simplified and cheaper, healthcare services can be outsourced to non-hospital locations such as the home, centers for emergency care, and ambulatory care- and yes, it involves telehealth.

With the COVID-19 pandemic, telehealth agencies and organizations have been given an opportunity to take over the health system. Many telehealth agencies provide on-demand care (diagnosis and treatment) in several cities across the country. They work having a network of emergency medical technicians (EMTs), medics, and paramedics to carry out various health-related activities, including checking vitals, cardiopulmonary resuscitations (CPRs), and injury treatments.

Phox Health, in this regard, compliments in-home medical services with medications’ delivery carefully coordinated with the arriving provider. With the COVID-19 pandemic still on, the company pushes to adapt to the evolving models of patient care for both for convenience and safety.

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