Post-COVID: Will Lines Be Gone Forever?

Oct 30, 2020

The COVID-19 pandemic did many things. One of them was to draw our attention to every little group of people. A group of just five people lying together on a picnic mat in the park. Or a line of ten people at a coffee shop. Whichever it was, it struck a mental image of the coronavirus. After all, anyone could have it. Moreover, it took a few meters to contract it.

Months after the imposed lockdown, shops and stores could reopen. They, however, seemed to have the same problem to deal with. A line, or in other terms, a queue. Restaurants, drive-ins, bars, and stores had put measures in place in line with the covid-19 social-distancing regulations. However, with customer space available reduced by fifty percent, more people had to wait in line. Worse still, there was poor compliance with the social-distancing measures.

Tech to the rescue!

Quite scary for customers as well! Being in a long line with the possibility of catching the virus along the way. 

Several business owners and the same complaints, something needed to be done. Modern technology was employed to solve this problem and improve customer experience.

Disney resorts, for example, has provided guests with the “My Disney Experience” app to order their meals while waiting. Giant Eagle’s GetGo Café and Market Store employed the checkout-free service in early September. This shopping experience involves shoppers with a mobile app. This mobile app tracks what they place in their baskets and tally them up as they shop. Once they finish shopping, they pay in the app and take their leave.

Other stores have made it possible to avoid the queues altogether from the comfort of their homes and cars. Target’s customers can now shop via digital reservations. An archery store in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania, now makes shoppers conveniently wait for their turn in their cars. All that is needed is to download an app. Healthcare isn’t left out. In an urgent-care clinic in Nevada, patients can join a queue virtually and arrive just in time for their appointment.

Post-COVID: Are Lines Gone Forever?

The COVID-19 pandemic has brought about solutions within the past months. Will they outlive the pandemic? Well, no one ever wants to encounter lines. So maybe it’s safe to say lines are gone forever. We’ve been curing the pharmacy waiting line since 2016!

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