Senators Warn of Prescription Delivery Delays by USPS

Sep 10, 2020

Senators Elizabeth Warren and Bob Casey outline a 32% increase in delays in mail-order prescriptions handled by the USPS. The report stated that the average delivery times for prescription drugs increased between 18%-32% since Louis DeJoy was appointed in May and had since effected new delivery policies. This hasn’t only affected the trust of the people in the USPS but the health and lives of patients who rely on mail order for prescriptions.

With medications taking one to three weeks to get to patients, complaints have been reaching the desk of many stakeholders. One of the most affected states includes Ohio, where residents rely on mail-order prescriptions more per capita than any other state in the U.S., according to pre-COVID-19 pandemic data.

Senator Warren discusses USPS prescription delays

According to Antonio Ciaccia, the former director of government and public affairs of the Ohio Pharmacists Association”, if medications arrive late, they may have been improperly stored and no longer effective.” Usually, prescription drugs are delivered within two to three days because a lot of them are temperature-sensitive and may be needed urgently by patients. With delays, certain medications may get misplaced, leaving the patient with no choice but to pay out of pocket or to miss several doses.

Ciaccia went to say, “This is not going to be life or death for everybody but for a significant amount of patients that rely on these medications to stay well and stay alive, any type of delay in drug therapy could mean the difference between a patient being in the hospital and a patient being in the ground.”

From correspondence, veterans, rural residents, patients with chronic health conditions and the elderly are the most vulnerable beneficiaries of the USPS. While delays may not always be life-threatening, they could be life-altering, according to a Vietnam War veteran.

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